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SAVE THE DATE! SATURDAY, MARCH 22,2014 AT 1 PM. OUR ANNUAL AWARDS LUNCHEON! Council on Aging, 2501 SW Bayshore Blvd. PSL Fl 34984 Nominate someone who has been a blessing to you or your community, along with 5 other paying guests and they will receive a plaque and dinner. Nominations with biographies must be sent to PO Box 8658 PSL Florida, 34985-8658, by Feb. 20th, 2014. Email

Donate to help prepare an at risk youth for a bright future. Stop the downward spiral of poverty, illiteracy, and delinquency. Christian Cultural Cathedral,Inc. envisions a just, humane, educated, and faith based community where all people are accorded respect and are encouraged to develop their maximum potential spiritually, emotionally, intellectually, economically, and socially.Our goal is to ‘encourage the arts, the value of learning, and an attitude of love and giving.Our academic and cultural mobile programs, can be brought to your center or school. Young Ladies of the Nile, ages 12 to 17, discuss books written by relevant authors such as Maya Angelou and Sonia Sanchez to help them realize their full potential. Donate to help our ‘Save OUr Black Boy Child, An Endangered Species Program for 2014. Kwanzaa and Black History month programs are available. Coming, our Rites of Passage Educational Program.

Invest 35 hours and CCCAC Learning Center, Port St. Lucie Florida, guarantees to improve your, or your child’s reading level at least one grade or more. (Testimonials available)  Contact Mrs. L. Williams, Former Chemistry Teacher and Center Director. Tutoring in Science, Math and English available. Study with a smile as you progress, at C.C.C.A.C. Learning Center. Call for site information. 772 807 7771.